Volumes 292–293

15 October 2020

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  1. Editorial Board

    Article 108158
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  2. Coherent responses of terrestrial C:N stoichiometry to drought across plants, soil, and microorganisms in forests and grasslands

    Article 108104
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  3. Methane emissions from a waste treatment site: Numerical analysis of aircraft-based data

    Article 108102
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  4. An assessment study of three indirect methods for estimating leaf area density and leaf area index of individual trees

    Article 108101
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  5. Vegetation greening intensified soil drying in some semi-arid and arid areas of the world

    Article 108103
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  6. Hydraulic safety margins of co-occurring woody plants in a tropical karst forest experiencing frequent extreme droughts

    Article 108107
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  7. Understanding the effects of fire and nitrogen addition on soil respiration of a field study by combining observations with a meta-analysis

    Article 108106
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  8. Multiple-globe thermometer for measuring the air temperature without an aspirated radiation shield

    Article 108028
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  9. Inhibitor-coated enhanced-efficiency N fertilizers for mitigating NOx and N2O emissions in a high-temperature irrigated agroecosystem

    Article 108110
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  10. Canopy openness affects microclimate and performance of underplanted trees in restoration of high-elevation tropical pasturelands

    Article 108105
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  11. Tidal effects on ecosystem CO2 exchange in a Phragmites salt marsh of an intertidal shoal

    Article 108108
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  12. Future greening of the Earth may not be as large as previously predicted

    Article 108111
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  13. Mapping the sensitivity of agriculture to drought and estimating the effect of irrigation in the United States, 1950–2016

    Article 108124
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  14. Partitioning of net ecosystem exchange into photosynthesis and respiration using continuous stable isotope measurements in a Pacific Northwest Douglas-fir forest ecosystem

    Article 108109
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  15. Long-term investigation of forest canopy rainfall interception for a spruce stand

    Article 108125
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  16. Estimation of snow meltwater based on the energy and mass processes during the soil thawing period in seasonally frozen soil areas

    Article 108138
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  17. Climate change and environmental impacts on and adaptation strategies for production in wheat-rice rotations in southern China

    Article 108136
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  18. A case study of climate-smart management in foxtail millet (Setaria italica) production under future climate change in Lishu county of Jilin, China

    Article 108131
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  19. Empirical validation of the relationship between the crop water stress index and relative transpiration in almond trees

    Article 108128
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  20. Biotic and abiotic properties most closely associated with subtropical forest soil respiration differ in wet and dry seasons: A 10-year in situ study

    Article 108134
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  21. A modified SWAP model for soil water and heat dynamics and seed–maize growth under film mulching

    Article 108127
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